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DM Juris consultants is a Sole Proprietorship Firm and has been founded mainly to cater for the requirements of the clients who are in Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard). We are a startup and we hope to carve out a name for ourselves in near future. Our services extend to all kind litigation/disputes arising mainly out of any Service matters. Our specialisation is in Armed Forces Matters. Our services extend through diverse issues pertaining to seeking a resolution to the complex Armed Forces service and discipline related matters.
DM Jurisconsultants would strive to be recognized for its expertise in addressing an array of legal issues relating to the Armed Forces. The Founders of DM Jurisconsultants take pride in being amongst the most sought after Qualitative Legal Advisors on Service Matters, in the Country.
With an objective to provide valued, practical and strategic legal solutions to help clients achieve their goals, DM Jurisconsultants would combine the highest standards with domain expertise.

Team of ExpertsTeam of Experts

All our associates are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They have specialized knowledge of both the legal framework as well as the specific requirements of various service sectors. They have a well-established track record in guiding individuals based on their specific needs for resolving the issues. The associates are confident in their ability to provide advise across the board, identifying themselves with the clients’ requirements and work along with clients to help them achieve their objectives. With a keen focus on quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, DM Jurisconsultants has adopted standards employed by the top consultancy law firms which put clients at ease.

Our UniquenessOur Uniqueness

DM Jurisconsultants has adopted an approach that demands the highest levels of understanding in each of their practice areas, technical skill and service delivery allowing us to provide accurate, reliable, timely and cost-effective advice across a range of service groups and sectors. This is reflected through our team of associates, who abide by the system and ensure that the client’s needs always come first. With our expertise and diversity of experience within the teams, we are able to keep in touch with the changing environment that our clients are in and provide them with personalized solutions to their legal requirements or legal reservations. Our continuous relationship with our clients and comprehension of their issues would ensure that our services extend to our keeping abreast with the latest legal findings and amendments on issues so as to provide dynamic solutions.

Need help?Need help?

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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