Discipline in Armed Forces

Matters Relating to Discipline in Armed Forces

Armed Forces are governed by a different set of Laws which is Special Law namely Army Act, Navy Act and Air Force Act. Civil Laws are applicable on Armed Forces matters in a limited manner. To deal with any indiscipline within the Armed Forces, any such member of the Armed Forces who is charged with any offence is to be dealt with under the respective law which is governing him/her. We shall be able to assist such Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen who are facing any such charges against them in an effective manner.

Matters Pertaining to service conditionsof Armed Forces

Armed Forces are different when it comes to their service conditions which are very peculiar in nature. The concept of these service conditions is not easily understood by the members of the Armed Forces and many a times, violation of such service conditions takes place knowingly/unknowingly, mainly due to the lack of understanding. We possess vast experience in handling of such matters and offering solution for it.

Service Matters Falling Under CCS Rules

We offer a unique and responsive source of comprehensive knowledge to deal with all type of service matters falling under the CCS Rules. A time bound solution on all such cases would be our hallmark.

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